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Purchasing Poland

Procurement encompasses all measures to provide business Units as well as our clients with materials (raw, auxiliary and operating consumables), spare parts, Services, equipment (machines) and personnel. The terms "Procurement" and "Purchasing" are used interchangeably throughout Leadec. In a narrow sense, Purchasing describes the operational activities of procurement and contractual aspects between customers and suppliers.

Hence, the Purchasing department is one of the essential departments of the company because more than 30 % of Leadec added value is generated by its suppliers. The procurement of services and materials therefore influences significantly both, our company's result as well as our suppliers' performance in respect of the punctual and high-quality service provision towards our customers.

Our most important fields of activity:

  • Intensified use of master agreement partners with negotiated conditions (terms of guarantees, reduction of risks and process costs)
  • Enhanced cost situation in all segments (savings, terms of payment, low prices)
  • Increased purchasing cover by cataloguing (pCA)
  • Continuing improvements by PU Controlling + optimization measures

We value long-term relationships. Not only with our customers. But also with our suppliers. The close and trusting cooperation with qualified and motivated suppliers is a vital ingredient of the success of Leadec. Vital decision criteria are, for example, quality, service and economy. 

Purchasing conditions

They constitute the exclusive contractual basis for orders. Conflicting or contradictory conditions in invoices, order confirmations or delivery notes shall not be accepted by us. Our purchasing conditions and packaging instrucions shall exclusively apply.


General purchase conditions, pdf 

Code of Conduct

The trust that we receive from our customers, owners, employees and the public depends critically on the conduct of each individual in the company. It is founded on strict compliance with the law and with all of our internal rules.  The purpose of this Code of Conduct is therefore to summarize the norms that must be observed by our employees worldwide in order to ensure the continuation of the company's long tradition of honesty and decency.

Code of Conduct