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  • Leadec employee on a factory roof checks external installation of ventilation system.
  • Integrated Facility Management

    Under an Integrated Facility Management model you typically not only outsource the operational activity of the hard (technical) and soft (non-technical) services, but also a portion of the tactical and the strategic alignment would become a joint responsibility for you and your future partner.

Integrated FM increases site productivity

This is much more than just ‘maintenance’ – the customers’ production facilities are where Leadec feels most at home and adds value.


Leadec works by forming tailored maintenance concepts that manage technical and administrative processes equally. This views production as a holistic end-to-end process, where the risk of failure must be minimized, and the whole lifecycle of the facilities must be simultaneously maximized. The objective of the tailored maintenance solution is to optimize every stage in the process and the lifecycle of the assets & equipment.

Our Integrated FM model

Integrated services from a single source

At Leadec we have experience implementing best in class Integrated Faclity Management solution for your factories across multiple industries like automotive, FMCG and other general manufacturing industries.

Production Equipment Maintenance

  • Regulatory inspection
  • Planned & corrective maintenance
  • Breakdown root analyses
  • TPM & shop floor management
  • Machine optimization
  • Workshop management
  • Spare parts, tool, fluid management

Production Cleaning

  • Hygienic production line cleaning
  • Equipment & Control cabinet cleaning
  • Paint shop cleaning / Paint stripping of skids & fixtures
  • Special project cleaning & deep cleaning


  • Empties handling
  • Internal transport
  • Packaging
  • Warehouse and spare parts management
  • Hazardous material management
  • Disposal logistics

Facility Management (hard & soft services)

  • Janitorial & deep cleaning
  • Internal & external landscaping
  • Reception & front of house services
  • Internal moves & logistics
  • Onsite waste management

Technical Maintenance

  • Maintenance, inspection & repairs
  • Warranty management
  • Energy management
  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • Projects

Benefits of an Integrated FM model

Centralized processes and standards across all service areas

Effective management structure, with a clear focus on ESG

Improved talent attraction and retention with increased onsite employee satisfaction

Integrated IT solutions thanks to Leadec.os

Leadec offers the Leadec.os solution which digitizes the entire end-to-endd service/production process. The platform creates maximum transparency regarding planning and provision of all services. Customers can digitally view and control all relevant service processes connected with production and intelligently use the data obtained.


The platform creates a decision-making system through which the company and the service provider can jointly make processes significantly more economical, qualitatively better and more flexible. The optimization potential that the networked factories of the future can achieve effectively drives greater productivity in the plant.

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