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  • Leadec employee working on the ventilation system of a factory.
  • Leadec Poland

    Our aim is to tailor our wide range of services to suit our clients' different needs, so as to ensure that they notice a clear improvement in their production efficiency rates. We would like to be seen as a reliable partner in the area of industrial services and as the first choice for clients, employees and local communities.

Leadec Poland: Your service specialist

Leadec is the world’s leading service specialist for the entire life cycle of a factory and the related infrastructure. For more than 60 years now, we have been providing customers in the manufacturing industries with support along the entire factory life cycle: from planning, installation, and automation to operation of the factories and buildings.


We operate at more than 350 locations throughout the world – often right in the plants and facilities of our customers. As true service champions, we employ our services to make sure that production runs smoothly. To keep your plant running, we never stand still. After all, we have to remain true to our promise: We love your factory. 

Our services

We uniquely combine the knowledge, network capacity and performance of a global player with the personal support of a regional partner in your location.

  • All
  • Engineer
  • Install
  • Maintain
  • Support
  • View of a milling cutter in a metalworking machine.
    Spare Parts Production

    We are focusing on machining of steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics. All our services are delivered by qualified employees who uses advanced machines and top quality milling tools, what assures high-standard, capable and accurate service.

  • Relocation  We relocate complete manufacturing lines and individual production units – on schedule, safely and through a successful and accepted inspection process.

    There is even more we can do to support our customers in the best possible way. Our range of services is completed by services in the field of machine relocation.

  • Logistics

    We handle all logistical tasks inside and outside your production buildings professionally and reliably. We organize and optimize internal processes and create the best possible conditions for your production.

  • Leadec employee on roof checks external installation of ventilation system.
    Technical Facility Management

    We take care of operation, maintenance, inspection and repair of your building services systems or develop tailor-made concepts for modernization. Also, we rectify faults in the shortest possible time.

  • Two Leadec employees with check list and tablet at ventilation system on a factory roof.
    Integrated Facility Management

    Leadec works by forming tailored maintenance concepts that manage technical and administrative processes equally. This views production as a holistic end-to-end process, where the risk of failure must be minimized, and the whole lifecycle of the facilities must be simultaneously maximized.

  • Leadec employee cleaning robot in a paint shop.
    Technical Cleaning

    Leadec provides a wide range of professional, highly-specialized services in the area of industrial, technical and standard cleaning in the general sense, as well as infrastructural support services and clearance and sanitation services.

  • Production Equipment Maintenance
    Production Equipment Maintenance

    We provide top quality services, from inspection and maintenance to overhauls, and strive to continually improve our services.

  • A Leadec employee analyzing faults and repairing installed electronics.
    Electrical and Mechanical Installation

    Rely on professional electrics and mechanics. We assemble, install and wire entire manufacturing facilities, individual production units and safety-related elements. In addition, we realize your steel and metal construction project from the planning stage to assembly to final installation. With our highly qualified team, clearly defined procedures and exceptionally strict quality standards, we ensure reliable operation of your plant and maximum safety for personnel and material.

  • Two Leadec employees checking switch cabinets.

    We help our customers to fully exploit the potential of their processes. Since 2002 Leadec devises automation solutions for special production purposes. We build machines in highest standards to secure efficient and reliable work and to fulfil demanding requirements of our customers.

One Team. One Journey.

Nothing is more important at Leadec than our strong teams. People who get things done, and who put their hearts and minds into their work.
No matter the work we each do, our heart beats in sync with the rhythms of the factory.


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Latest news from Leadec Poland

Leadec has assembled the 500,000th wheel for MAN

Leadec has assembled the 500,000th wheel for the MAN truck plant in Niepołomice, Poland. It was handed over in a ceremony at the end of January and will be on display at the plant. Since August 2022, Leadec has taken over wheel and tire assembly for Europe’s largest truck assembly plant.

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