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Spare parts production

We are focusing on machining of steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics. All our services are delivered by qualified employees who uses advanced machines and top quality milling tools, what assures high-standard, capable and accurate service. We are able to create desired part with expected shape, dimensions and finishing, based on 2D documentation, 3D models or real part. 

We have also hardening furnace for heat treatment. 

To follow our customers' demands our workshop is eqquipped with industrial 3D printer Stratasys F270. Thanks to this device, we are able to produce parts build with mixed materials and with complicated shapes. We also propose production of prototype parts.

We have both CNC as well as conventional machines including:

  • CNC Haas VF8 – operating range 1626x1016x762 mm
  • CNC Haas VF2SS – range 762x406x508 mm
  • CNC Mori Seiki – range 600x450x450 mm
  • Lathe machine TUR 630M – range 2000 mm, diameter 630 mm
  • lathe machine Format UD225 – range 1500 mm, diameter 500 mm
  • Milling machine Format UF 325 – range 1000x300x400 mm
  • Milling machine TOS FGU 32 – range 900x250x250
  • Surface grinder Z&B FS2560 - range 600x250 mm
  • Shafts grinder Z&B URS1000 – range1000 mm, diameter 400 mm
  • Hardening furnace – temp. 1280ºC, input 350x500x250 mm, volume 40l
  • 3D printer Stratasys F270 – range 305 x 254 x 305 mm, FDM technology


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